Unique Development

South Anna, Inc. specializes in design and implementation of high quality and easy to use client/server and internet/intranet applications for businesses.

Our software engineers have been designing and developing software systems for small, medium and large businesses for years. This experience has given us the knowledge to apply a proven engineering discipline to our projects in order to achieve the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our systems range from small web-based home pages to very large enterprise-wide three-tier client/server applications. These systems can be integrated with your existing applications. Our professionals use client/server technologies including industry standard 4th generation languages, CASE tools and relational database management systems, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio.NET, and Delphi.

Application Development

South Anna offers Application Development services to help you build and deploy a flexible, scaleable, high-performance custom solution to meet even the most demanding needs. Using powerful client/server development tools and robust database systems, our consultants can create custom solutions that are time saving, more reliable and easier to maintain.

With rapid advancements in technology, it is easy to allow your current system and software to fall behind, robbing you of more efficient and effective ways of doing business. Today’s focus on “downsizing” and “rightsizing” demands that businesses take advantage of automated ways of doing business, minimizing costly staffing, in order to remain competitive. This is where we can help you.

Understanding Your Business

Our technical consultants will evaluate your current system in a number of ways including performance, practicality, ease-of-use and on-going maintenance requirements. Next, we will work with you to assess your future needs and provide solutions that apply available technology to improve your productivity. If a commercial solution already exists, we will assist you in purchasing and installation as well as ongoing maintenance and support. If a more tailored approach will best meet your needs, we will design a customized solution utilizing the latest software development tools.

Software Development

South Anna technical staff represents the highest level of custom software development experience in a wide variety of industries including financial, telecommunications, manufacturing, insurance, health, legal, order-entry/distribution and service businesses. In addition, we have the business consultant staff to understand the business needs of any industry. We are very proud of our developers’ ability to utilize a variety of industry programming tools to create custom solutions within minimal amount of time while maintaining the highest industry standards in coding.

Implementing For Success

When you’re developing a custom solution, you need to keep the project on track to avoid costly delays. Our consultants will guide you through every step of the development process to ensure a smooth transition into using the new system. We’ll also transfer the knowledge and skills your staff needs to maintain the complete system.

On-going Maintenance & Support

After system installation, a variety of technical support options will be available to you. Depending on your needs, varying levels of system support will be available from complete system maintenance, with a monthly maintenance agreement, or on an as-needed basis.

Microsoft SQL Server®

Microsoft SQL Server combines the best of traditional mainframe computing–centralized security, data integrity, and control–with the best of today’s PCs–ease of use, rich user interfaces, and a variety of off-the-shelf productivity tools. It makes it possible for multiple front ends to share information, enabling the developer to choose the most appropriate tool for the job. SQL Server makes efficient use of networks; because database queries are processed at a centralized server, network traffic is reduced.

Microsoft SQL Server incorporates a world-class feature set for distributed client/server computing. Customers using SQL Server will see benefits in the following key areas:

  • Reliable distributed data and transactions
  • Centralized control of distributed servers
  • Very high performance and scalability
  • Support for very large databases
  • Full programmability and standards support
  • Rich desktop integration
  • Open interoperability

Unlike database servers, which run only on proprietary operating systems or support only proprietary network protocols, SQL Server is network independent. Because SQL Server relies on open industry standards, it can run on most popular networks, including IBM LAN Server©, Microsoft LAN Manager©, Novell NetWare, Banyan® VINES®, DEC PATHWORKS©, Apple® AppleTalk©, and Windows NT® Server-based networks.