AP – AR Refunds

Save Time by Streamlining Your AP-AR Refund Process

Finally, an AP-AR Refunds module for Dynamics SL, formerly known as Solomon, exists to eliminate the hassle of having to re-key data from Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable or vice versa for refunds.

The manual user intervention of having to key refunds for vendors or customers reduces your overall employee’s productivity and costs your business money, but not if you have the AP-AR Refund Module for Dynamics SL from South Anna. This feature-rich module performs a seamless integration between the two modules for refund purposes.

Now you can quickly move overpaid vendor account balances in Accounts Payable to their matching customer in the Accounts Receivable module for payment receipt. You can also quickly move customer accounts that have credit balances in Accounts Receivable to Accounts Payable for a refund check to be paid to the customer.

With our netting feature, you can now easily net a customer’s and vendor’s accounts. All of this is offered in an easy to use module built in the Dynamics SL Toolset, which ensures it looks and feels just like the Dynamics SL.


AP-AR Refunds Setup

AP-AR Refunds Setup

Take a look at the AP-AR Refunds brochure.