Web Time Entry & Expense

The Professional Service Time & Billing – Web Time and Expense Entry system is a robust time sheet collection interface allowing your time keepers to key their time and expenses from anywhere at any time. The system features a full timesheet approval process for supervisors to approve the time sheets for the employees they are responsible for.

The system is scalable to any size organization. Whether you have 10 employees keying time and expenses from their home offices to 1000 employees keying their time from 16 states, Web Time & Expense Entry is designed to fit your firm’s needs. The system is designed to scale from small firms who have their site loaded at a third party ISP (Internet Service Provider) to large firms who have their websites hosted internally. The product can use either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server, depending on your needs.

The system uses XML to transmit updated data (customers, projects, tasks, etc.) to the website’s database from the Professional Service Time & Billing System. It also can be automated with Dynamics SL’s Application Server Module to auto-import the timesheets keyed at the website.

The system features a full server-side security model, which matches your internal Dynamics SL (formerly known as Solomon) Professional Service Time & Billing system.

Main Features

  • User friendly time and expenses collection in the same screen.
  • An easy to use Calendar report for employee time review.
  • A robust and complete time approval process.
  • Full Timesheet History Reports.
  • A full server-side security model.
  • A purge function to help you maintain your website databases.
  • Full Dynamics SL Multi-company support.
  • Scalable ASP code utilizing XML that works on either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Optimized code using Procedures, Triggers, etc. for SQL Server.
  • Drag and drop website setup using any Web Design editing software.
  • A one-click switch between database types (Access to SQL Server).
  • Third party hosted website support.

Take a look at the Web Time and Expense Entry brochure.