Expanding Dynamics SL

South Anna has the knowledge, the experience and the technology needed to expand your Dynamics SL installation to meet 100% of your business needs. Dynamics SL architecture uses Microsoft Visual Basic, Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server. This flexible architecture lends itself to be as flexible as your business needs.

Gone are the days of being limited by your system. With Dynamics SL, formerly known as Solomon, we can expand the system with new modules, or customize existing modules. We can even directly integrate with your other systems. We can build high-end import/export mechanisms to process hundreds of thousands of transactions in the fraction of time other systems would take to do the same work. We can also build simple to complex Crystal reports that meet your business information needs. If the data is there, we can deliver it to you the way you want to see it.

In addition, South Anna is one of the few Microsoft Authorized Dynamics SL Source Code Partners. This gives us the ability to uniquely view the Dynamics SL system as it exists and help integrate it efficiently into your other systems. South Anna typically can customize the Dynamics SL System in the same amount of time, as it would take to build screens in Microsoft Access. This means lower costs in time and money to alter the system to meet your exact business needs. Don’t wait to be more efficient. Call today, and start your business down the track to greater growth and efficiencies, because if there is a business need, we can satisfy it with Dynamics SL.