Upon initial client contact we work with our client to develop a project definition. The project definition attempts to define the purpose of the database, its major components and the type of environment in which the database will be used. Before either party begins to spend time and resources in developing software based solutions, it is important to determine if development of the project is feasible. In today’s world of high tech solutions, almost any set of requirements can be programmed and turned into a fully functional product. The feasibility of these products is almost always limited to the cost of development.

The cost of database development is dependent on a multitude of factors:

  • What is the purpose of the database?
  • What type of environment must it support?
  • Will there be a single user or multiple users?
  • Will the database be residing on a server or on a stand-alone personal computer?
  • Will there be a need for remote database entry?
  • Is our client seeking a web-based solution?
  • Does the database need to have built in security protocols?
  • What type of data maintenance will be performed?
  • What are the reporting requirements?

The Pre Requirements Assessment focuses on these types of questions in order to clearly define the scope of the project.

The more questions asked during the Pre Requirements Assessment, the better. We employ a standard set of questions formulated to provide us with a brief and detailed sample project scope. These questions, and their answers, help us define the initial requirements for a proposed database solution. A general picture or flowchart that outlines the proposed functions of the database is developed and examined so that we can determine which business entities and/or processes require further definition or explanation. We gather as much information as possible during this initial contact so that we can discuss all the projected requirements for the database with our entire development team. Once the general functionality of a proposed database solution is reviewed, we develop a proposal that estimates the time needed to perform a full assessment. The proposal includes a cost summary specifically geared towards each specific client.