401K Data Interchange

Speed Up Your 401K Data Reporting

The 401K Data Interchange module for Dynamics SL, formerly known as Solomon, generates a file containing your employees’ 401K data information, for transmission to your bank. This file forwards the appropriate information for your 401K deposit and filing, ensuring accurate administration of your employees’ Retirement Savings Plans. You don’t have to manually create a spreadsheet from your Dynamics SL data, which saves you both time and money. You can track all appropriate deductions in Dynamics SL’s Payroll, and they can be easily added to the export. If your bank’s file format is not currently built in the product, you can have it added for a small fee.

The 401K Data Interchange is custom built for Dynamics SL using the Dynamics SL Toolkit so it looks and feels exactly like any other Dynamics SL Screen. Stop manually preparing your 401K data files today!

Main Features

  • Processes Employee Contributions and Loans for Your Plan
  • Automates Employee Demographic Information Updates
  • Supports Multiple Banks


401K Data Setup

401K Data Setup

Take a look at the 401k Data Interchange brochure.