Our Goals

Number 1: To become a leading software development provider by fully understanding our clients’ short term and long range vision in both business and technology and to provide innovative, supportive solutions to these goals.

  • Respond quickly to submission of scope of work requirements
  • Contact the client to discuss development needs
  • Understand the client’s business processes
  • Identify and document business requirements and rules
  • Develop a custom solution based on client requirements
  • Utilize pre-existing and tested modules and templates for cost effective design
  • Customize program elements as needed
  • Add additional functionality required by the client
  • Deploy program using PC Anywhere in order to provide ongoing technical support

Number 2: The solutions we help our clients implement are designed to accommodate the existing business process, and to efficiently store and analyze all business data. The goal of any database system developed by South Anna is to provide the following benefits for our clients.

  • Simplify common tasks
  • Simplify reporting
  • Create and maintain data relationships that match business processes
  • Enforce data integrity Centrally locates data for access by multiple individuals
  • Improve effectiveness of data maintenance
  • Eliminate redundant data storage
  • Maintain large amounts of information
  • Allow information to be integrated and related for analysis and reporting

Components for Success

The development cycle of a software solution can be drawn in parallel to the steps taken in developing building architecture. Before designing the positioning of the windows, the doors and roof- line, it is first necessary to design the dimensions of each room. This is analogous to the design of the tables within a database structure. Once the tables are designed, it becomes possible to design the user interface.

Prior to having a builder assess the cost of building a home, it is first necessary to have designed a complete set of blue prints. This is exactly how we approach the process of building a software application. We believe the client should be able to review the entire user interface and reports prior to the process of building the application. This is why we have invested in and built our own application development system that we use to provide our clients with detailed program specifications.

In addition to using our Application Development System for defining our clients’ projects, we also recognize the following components of success.

  • Business Analysts are the bridge of communication between client and developers
  • Precise definition of business needs and requirements
  • Investment in design and documentation for those needs and requirements
  • Adherence to meaningful business practice
  • Measurement and testing of performance
  • Reliable training
  • Technical support

South Anna’ greatest strength is its ability to get inside a business or organization and analyze ways to improve your data management. Our business process can be simplified into a two-step approach that gives you economy and thoroughness of development.

Step 1 – Analysis and Design

  • Evaluation of current needs and future growth potential
  • Data relationship and data modeling
  • Design of screens, forms and reports
  • Review and revision based on client feedback

Step 2 – Construction and Implementation

  • Program implementation of elements designed in Phase 1
  • Utilization of pre-developed templates, code modules and applications
  • Quality assurance and integration testing

The end result of our development efforts is to provide you with a system that meets three sets of criteria.

  • Improves your operating efficiency
  • Saves you money
  • Boosts your productivity


  • All SDS custom software systems are maintainable, modifiable, and upgradeable by us, by you or by any third-party you may choose.
  • We suggest implementing PC Anywhere with our clients in order to provide online and real time technical assistance and support.