Expanded Master Information

Create a Richer, More Detailed Database for Your Dynamics SL Operations

Create a richer, more detailed database for your Dynamics SL (formerly known as Solomon) operations. Need to store more data for your operations? The Expanded Master Module for Dynamics SL Tools is your answer. The Expanded Master Module allows you to store additional data for your customers, employees, inventory items, projects, and vendors. There are 75 additional fields for each entity allowing you to keep track of addition details crucial to your operation. A record for each customer, employee, inventory item, project, and vendor is created automatically in the corresponding tables and then you choose what information to associate with each record.

Main Features

  • Accounts Receivable Customer
  • Accounts Payable Vendor
  • Project Controller Project
  • Payroll Employee
  • Inventory Item


Additional Employee Information

Additional Employee Information

Take a look at the Expanded Master Information brochure.