Our Approach

The Team

People, intensely committed to your success, are the hallmark of our services. We bring in a team of highly skilled experts to examine your workflow, look at your technology assets and create an effective plan.


The strength of our methodology is the speed and accuracy with which we deliver. To speed development, steps often overlap to continuously hone requirements, design, and code. Our methodology includes storyboards, rapid application development (RAD), architectural blueprints, vertical RAD, and project management/quality assurance.

n-Tier Architecture

An n-tier approach to developing applications provides flexibility. Existing applications and off-the-shelf software can be plugged into new code without extensive modification. Systems can be easily reconfigured and constructed with minimal custom coding – all saving time and money.


A key aspect of employing any technology-based solution is its business implication. Factors to consider include cost of software licenses and existing investments, ease of assimilation, and functional paybacks. We have three rules: incorporate proven, off-the-shelf components where feasible, build on existing investments and make choices that exceed the clients expectations while still being cost effective.

The Human-Computer Interface

If the application isn’t user-friendly, your users won’t use it. We extensively plan, implement, and test systems to support your users’ needs. Human interface factors are given high priority, and the latest ergonomic designs are incorporated into your system.